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Welcome to our website! We are a military homeschooling (unschooling?) family of seven (now 6 at home, as Bubby is officially “adulting”).  We are nearing the end of our military journey and facing a whole new world, hopefully staying still…a far cry from the various duty stations of years gone by. I hope to use this website to keep everyone relatively up-to-date on our homeschooling adventures. I have failed miserably, to date.  When I do write, you will likely see our activities and work, opinions and art, and maybe even a rant or two! It is my desire that this will be a source of connection for our friends and family and a source of inspiration for anyone wishing to pursue the wonderful world of homeschooling. You will notice that I have no particular set style or curriculum and that I won’t purport to have all, or even any, of the “answers” to the best or right way to homeschool, because I don’t feel there is a right way and “best” is a momentary, ever-changing thing as best I can tell.  I’m along for the ride, like most of us, I suspect, enjoying the journey along the way.  This is a learn-as-we-go process and the fun is in the adventure. I want my children to love learning for learning’s sake and our efforts will primarily center around this concept, no matter how disjointed or haphazard my methods may seem! If you’d like to get a little more information on our philosophy, a good place to start is with the post “tenets”. So, take a look around and see what we’ve been up to (or at least what I’ve managed to share) and please feel free to comment, share, or even block us indefinitely.  We appreciate all kinds of opinions around here.


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