I am seeing a common theme among the youth today…the fear of new things, present, even, in my own children. Sometimes it comes across as perfectionism. Sometimes it is indecisiveness. Always, it has an underlying element of fear…fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of imperfection. It is ultimately the fear of moving forward and, to me, it is a guaranteed way to squash dreams and potential.  But I say have no fear, children! Take a chance. Try, try, try!  Whether it’s applying for a new job, learning a new skill, mastering the alphabet, or conquering a skid steer, face it head on and with gusto!  Perfection is a myth, but you can always achieve your best. And most of all, enjoy the journey, because even the best planners travel into the unknown many times en route to their destination.  We just aren’t meant to automatically and instantaneously know it all.  That is part of humanity.  That is life….our giant, ongoing classroom.  Live it.  Love it.  Learn from it….always.  And now for a little motivation….


Have the courage to fail.

If the possibility of failure is what stands in your way, then you will surely succeed…
At failing.

If the time it takes to achieve your goals is “too much”, then you will have too much time to contemplate all you have not achieved.

If you avoid a certain path because it seems “too hard”, you merely idle; blazing no trail at all.

Embrace the unknown.

Take the risks.

Relish the struggles.

Life has many lessons to offer, both pleasant and harsh.

LEARN from them all.

Nothing worthwhile comes without a measure of time, effort, uncertainty and hardship,
and all have the potential for failure.

Never let that potential keep you from reaching yours.

It is the act of achieving BY overcoming that makes a thing worthwhile.

That is where self-esteem, purpose and happiness originate…through the effort it takes to reach a goal,
not in the goal itself.

In all you do,
for all your dreams, goals, desires and aspirations…
don’t give up, or put off, or back out.

Keep moving forward.

Keep rising to the challenges you will inevitably face.

For life’s measures are in those challenges,
and through them you will learn to find joy in pain, achievement through failure, and worth in doing.

You will know that you spent your time wisely.

After all, what better measure of a successful life is there than one where time was truly well-spent?

Have the courage to fail.

Have the courage…