Pinterest. I love you. I wish I could say you spark my creativity, but more often than not, you just make me spend excess amounts of time admiring everyone else’s. However, I’m pretty good at duplicating projects and then putting my own spin on them (when I actually get around to it).  Here is a fun example of a craft I had been wanting the girls and I to tackle for a while that we finally checked off the list.

The girls had a great time with the process, from tearing off the paper to getting to use the blow dryer.  And Sweet Pea had a fun time photo-bombing me with silly faces.  She even instructed me to stick my tongue out for my own photo op, since, apparently, a normal face just wouldn’t do.

Crayon melt art
Crayon melt art (1)
Crayon melt art (2)
Crayon melt art (3)

So we unwrapped a bunch of broken crayons, and I tried to use as many of those aggravating, cheapo, non-coloring crayons as possible.  They melted just fine.  We hot-glued them on a couple at a time, as the glue hardened quickly, then it was just a matter of propping and heating them up with the blow dryer.  The “canvas” we used was actually the frame from another picture that my girls peeled off at one point in time.  (There was the tiniest little corner that was raising up on it, so naturally this was an invitation to go ahead and peel away the entire $50 print.)  In any case, I figured if we didn’t re-adhere that picture, we could use it for something else and that something turned out to be our crayon art.

Crayon melt art (4)
Crayon melt art (5)
Crayon melt art (6)
Crayon melt art (7)
Crayon melt art (8)
Crayon melt art (9)
Crayon melt art (10)

In the end, I decided to prop it on it’s side and hot-glue on some clothespins to make it a functional piece of art.  I like when things pull double-duty.  We are all very pleased with how this turned out.  Anyone else have any crayon art creations?  We’d love to see them!  Show off your bad mamma-jamma DIY skills in the comments below.