There is a possibility that I have a problem.  I have a tendency to rearrange areas of my home over and over (and over) again.  Sometimes I’m just inspired.  Sometimes I am just on a rampage to try and get more functionality and organization out of all of our clutter.  Most of the time, I think I just succeed in relocating mess.  In any case, it’s something I’ve done a lot.  Here’s a good example:  one glorious week, Daddy took all the girls with him to Missouri to see Grandpa and I got that absolutely rare, much-coveted free time that one can only get without littles in tow.  Bubby was here with me, but he’s not exactly needy like the girls, so it was pretty much me left up to my own devices.  So…what did I choose to do with all this free time?  Nothing…at least part of the time.  I slobbed around and slept when I wanted and woke when I wanted and I literally only cooked one meal that entire time!  It was such a beautiful, though not particularly healthy, week.

I also got in a little shopping (in stores with breakable things) and ate out (at places that didn’t even serve mac n’ cheese).  But, in addition to the relaxing and the perusing, I decided to rearrange things…of course.  I’m in my fourth month of pregnancy at this point, I’m without little ones and could feasibly do whatever I want, so naturally I think it’s a swell time to start moving around heavy furniture.  I get it.  I am taking that first step.  I admit I have a problem.

So, while my girls were busy having a blast with Daddy and Grandpa riding to the top of the St. Louis arch, checking out the St. Louis Science Center AND the City Museum, I don’t believe I was doing what normal people would do in my position.


City Museum

City Museum (1)

City Museum (2)

Doesn’t the City Museum look cool?  Kind of bummed I missed it.  In any case, here’s how I occupied some of my time:

Decorating (1) - CopyThe office was a big overhaul done earlier in the year, but I picked up that cool frame in the background to temporarily frame magnetic strips used as a memo board.  I went to a great thrift store a couple of times while they were away and picked up chicken wire, along with several items in the next photos.  I plan to put a fabric of some sort in the frame and then top it with the chicken wire.

IMG_7423I picked up the 4-piece wooden panel board to use as a headboard, though I definitely plan to repaint it.  I grabbed the red and blue flower fabric from Hobby Lobby and attached them to two frames I had from Ikea.  I like them, but am already second-guessing them in my bedroom.  I just think I want a more soothing look.  In any case, it’ll do for now and I have since changed it even more (of course).

IMG_7426I snatched away the stand that Daddy had his tv sitting on in order to put it back to it’s originally intended use outside as a side buffet table.  As a replacement I found these awesome old shipping crates and the metal crate and bucket at the thrift store.  He may never understand my attraction to old, used things, but at least he’s learned to live with it.  😉

Decorating (2)

Decorating (1)

DecoratingThe kitchen was a bit of a chore and was all done in order to accommodate that one little strip of wood for hanging coats.  We don’t have a good entry area in this house and so I have been using a coat rack hanging on the back of the door, which really got in the way.  I moved that darn furniture around that table about three different times before finally deciding on the current setup!

Decorating (5)

Decorating (4)

Decorating (3)This project was actually completed when the girls came home.  I picked up the cute little horse print and comforter and sheet set (on the right) as a package deal at Once Upon a Child.  Of course, the girls didn’t need either.    It is literally probably the 15th time I’ve rearranged their room!  It’s crazy.  The last configuration had both those beds smushed together, which really annoyed me because it made it look like the room was all bed.  So, we separated the beds, took out the drawers from the captains bed and moved them in the middle, which opened up the space beneath for a fun little nook.  We also took down all the stuff on the walls and reconfigured their placements.  All in all, the girls were psyched with their new room and it’s probably the cutest configuration we’ve done to date.

So, this post is for all of you out there that feel the urge to rearrange, reconfigure, repurpose and generally redo.  You are not alone.